Jianzhen Disembarking Statues


        Jianzhen Disembarking Statues is sculptured by national well-known sculptor Lin Yuhao, whose native place is Ya County (Hainan). Lin Yuhao graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1964 and passed away in 1997. Nanjing Yuhuatai Revolutionary Martyrs Monument and Deer Turning Back are his masterpieces.           After Jianzhen Disembarking Statues was completed in the Dongtian Park in 1994, local masses and even international friends came and visited. The 80-year-old Japanese eminent monk Koji came with his wife, and took a little pack of earth and stones back with them as souvenirs. Zhao Puchu, vice chairman of CPPCC and president of the Buddhist Association of China, paid a special visit to Jianzhen Disembarking Statues in January 1994, leaving three words: “unimaginable”, “amazing” and “beneficial”.
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