It’s Our Responsibility to Show the Tourists the Charm of Sanya

        News about Sanya Dongtian Park : During the spring festival, the Communist Youth League Committee of Sanya City and the Sanya Volunteers Association organized a series of volunteer activities themed by “Everybody’s Devotion to Create A Boutique City”. From the lunar New Year’s Eve to the seventh day of the first lunar month, the students from the colleges and universities of Sanya City, the Sanya-based college students and the thousands of volunteers from different communities and tourist spots were asked to carry out the volunteer service activities in the tourist spots like the Phoenix International Airport, the railway station, the urban major traffic crossings, the duty-free shopping centers, the Linchunling Park, the first market, the Sanya Bay, the Dadonghai Tourist Area and the Dongtian Park .

        As instructed by the Communist Youth League Committee of Sanya City, the Communist Youth League Committee of Dongtian Park required the volunteers to wear volunteer uniforms or ribbons while offering the meticulous and thoughtful guide and service to the tourists.

        All of the bright smiling faces, busy figures and warm words showed the tourists the hospitality and warmth of Sanya. As the practioners and disseminators of the volunteer spirits, they made unselfish contributions to help tourists during the Golden Week of the Spring Festival.

初三 063
初三 063

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