This Morning’s News about the Initiation Ceremony for The Free Buses Running between Dongtian Park and Ultima Thule



        News about the Sanya Dongtian Park : On the afternoon of February 4, 2015, the initiation ceremony for the free buses running between Dongtian Park  and Ultima Thule was held in the Tai Chi Square in the Sanya Dongtian Park . The leaders of the Sanya Municipal Government and that of the Sanya Transportation Bureau attended this ceremony, which marked the initiation of the free tour buses running between these two famous tourist areas and meant that the tourists could get to the Sanya Dongtian Park  from Ultima Thule by free buses, and vice versa. This has put to an end the simplex operation mode of the tourist areas as a cost-saving and convenient traveling approach.

        The buses used in this newly opened route are tour buses, which are very comfortable and responsible for carrying tourists to and fro between Ultima Thule and Sanya Dongtian Park  in a convenient and quick way, thereby making custom-made tour bus routes possible.  

        It is said that this route covers about 25.3 kilometers and that the departure interval is about 15 minutes from 8:30 am to 17:30 pm. As the world-famous coastal tourist city, Sanya has a number of famous tourist spots and shopping places, such as Ultima Thule, Nanshan Temple, Sanya Dongtian Park , Tropical Paradise Deep Forest Park, Wuzhizhou Island and Haitang Bay Duty-free International Shopping Center. However, the tourist transport of Sanya has long been backward because of various subjunctive and objective reasons. The vehicles in the tourist spots and shopping places mainly include tour buses, taxis, buses, self-drive and unlicensed cabs. Although the vehicles are diversified, they are in a mess with different vehicle grades and service qualities, which neither meets the travel quality requirements of tourists nor be incompatible with the the position of this international tourist city. 

          In addition, the unregulated tourism transport structure has brought about a series of urban management issues affecting the city images like inconvenient traveling of tourists, the drivers’ tempting the tourists to consume and bullying tourists, the black cars rampant and the traffic congestion. To further regulate traffic behaviors and improve the service quality, the authorities like Sanya Transportation Bureau and Sanya Buses Group have conducted research actively. The person in charge of Sanya Transportation Bureau said that the initiation of the bus route from Ultima Thule to Sanya Dongtian Park  indicated that Sanya took a solid step in improving the service quality of transportation and standardizing the industry management.

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